Monday, March 30, 2009

Who makes gifts anymore??

My friends do!
One of the best surprises that we received at out shower were the homemade gifts. Being that I do not seem to do ANYTHING domestic, craftiness intrigues and impresses me. I wanted to share pictures of the beautiful homemade gifts that Lily received...

From my friend Jess, she made Lily a reversible patchwork quilt (and yes Jess, I stole your pictures!):

and she even embroidered her name on it!

Then, my friends Kelly and Anne crocheted gifts (I hope it's crocheting. I told you, I'm not crafty). Kelly on the left with a sweet little sweater and Anne on the right with an awesome blankie:

My friend Jody's mother-in-law also made our gorgeous cake, from scratch!

I am just in love with these gifts and I cannot wait to tell Lily that yes, people DO actually make gifts. I love it. All of our shower gifts were amazing, of course, but I had to share these especially.

Dustin and I took a "Baby Basics" class last Saturday, which taught us how to bathe, diaper, swaddle, along with other good tips. It was informative and fun, for the most part. The teacher was energetic and very knowledgeable. The only thing that really bothered me was her persistence on breastfeeding. I get it. Breastfeeding is the best, most healthy way...but some women chose not to or cannot breastfeed! I felt like judgment was being placed and that annoyed me. It's a very personal decision, is all I'm saying.

As for me, I'm big and fat =) I'm feeling good, at a little over 32 weeks. I started taking iron supplements a couple weeks ago for pregnancy anemia, which seem to help a little with boosting my energy. I was actually glad that I was anemic because I could not figure out why I was SO tired alllll of the time. At least there is a reason, aside from just being pregnant. Otherwise, I feel pretty good and I am still in denial that I will have a child in less than two months!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Shower Weekend: Random Thought Style

Our couples baby shower was this past Saturday and it was AMAZING. A HUGE thank you to my mom and my good friend Tiffany for throwing the shower for us; to my aunt Dorothy, my aunt Chris, and Teresa for the food; and to my sister-in-law for the gorgeous calla lilies! It was all so perfect.

Since I am a bit sleep deprived and cannot put paragraphs together, here are my thoughts on the weekend:
  • Everyone was way too generous.
  • Lily is going to be the best dressed baby around.
  • Bumbos must really be a great invention because we got three of them.
  • Baby showers really CAN be fun...or do I just think that because it was ours?
  • We can fit 65 people in our back yard.
  • Homemade raspberry cupcakes are so delicious (thanks Tiff).
  • Opening baby gifts is so much fun.
  • Our house is now way too small. I don't know where to put everything!
  • The weather was perfect for the beach during the day and then the BBQ shower in the evening.
  • Getting into a bathing suit at 7.5 months pregnant is interesting.
  • Lily's nursery was a hit. It's official that Dustin is very, very talented.
  • I have a lot to learn about some of the gifts we received.
  • I have no idea what else I need to bring this baby home.
  • Dancing is acceptable at baby showers, as long as there is alcohol involved.
  • I'm am so appreciative of all of my friends and family. We are truly blessed and Lily is one lucky girl already.
  • All of the girls that came from all over the country for the shower were amazing. I love my FIFs.
I know there is more that I want to tell but as I said, I'm so tired!

Here are a few pictures:

The AMAZING invitations that my best friend Jaime did for us. They were perfect!

Me, mom and Dad:

Me, Ryleigh and Annie:

Me and Tammie:

The look:

The old married hags:

and of course, lilies:

Don't ask where the pictures of me and Dustin are. I don't think any exist, which makes me a little sad! Truth be told, I didn't get nearly enough pictures, as usual. It was an amazing time though.

There was one very special person missing: Mamau Nichols. It seems unbelievable as I type this but Dustin's grandma passed away two days before our shower. She wanted more than anything to be there. She had not been well for a little while and God needed her. She was an amazing woman and we will miss her terribly.

Thanks again everyone! We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun with videos!

We got a new video camera a few months ago, in preparation of Lily's arrival. We haven't taken any videos that are too exciting but because I'm amused by little things, I will share a few short ones.
(By the way, the videos take a little while to load and buffer so please be patient if they stop while viewing)

The nursery progression-
Phase one...

Phase two...

And most recently...

I am in love with her nursery. It's coming along SO cute and there isn't a lot left to be done! I cannot believe she will be sleeping in there in just two months!

I am going into my 30th week now. I'm feeling good still, just incredibly tired which I found out is partially to blame on anemia. I had my 28 week blood test and glucose test done and the glucose was fine but my blood test showed that I am anemic. I guess this is common in pregnancy. Iron pills it is. I just would prefer a little more energy but if that's all I have to complain about, so be it!
Belly update from 29 weeks 4 days: