Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fashion (non)Sense

I have no fashion sense. I was clearly born without the gene. To be honest, I don't even like to shop. I'm the one that likes to go for what I need and if I can't find it, I give up quickly. I just don't have the patience. Or, I'll go, with intentions to buy work clothes and end up with a ridiculous amount of clothes for Lily, simply because it's easy and fun to buy her clothes.

Even more shocking to most females, I HATE buying shoes. Hate. I will see a cute pair of shoes, pick them up and think to myself, "what would I wear these with?", which is when my brain goes on overload and shuts off, quickly dismissing the sale of the shoe. I get overwhelmed with not having the right outfit to match the shoes and the mere thought of finding something to match, OMG! Too.much.thinking. So, my closet is filled with black and brown shoes- flip flops and 2 pair of work shoes.

On top of the lack of fashion sense, I am also cheap when it comes to clothing myself. I don't think I have ever spent more than $40-$50 on an article of clothing, or shoes, I insist of making $100 go far. I will absolutely adore a pair of shorts but if they're marked $42, it's a no go. I'm too practical.
I also will not buy anything that has to be dry cleaned. Or ironed. (I just went from practical to lazy in two sentences.) I once bought a pant suit from Banana Republic on super-duper clearance and it ended up in the Goodwill bag a couple years later, after wearing it about 5 times, because it was dry clean only. I washed and dried it. The pants, of course, ended up to be clam diggers, which, apparently, is out of style now?

With the help of Pinterest, I have recently been inspired to become more fashionable. Or try to, at least. I see all of these great, trendy outfits, complete with accessories and shoes, and I want them. I want to be able to put an outfit together, other than a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops, or black pants with a gray shirt for work, complete with my 5 year old black pumps.

Not being able to afford the trendy "pinned" outfits in their entirity, i decide to try my hand at being fashionable. So, I went on a mission today. I went with intent. I was going to find some cute, trendy clothes. Clothes that screamed that I know how to out an outfit together AND
that didn't look cheap.

After an hour and a half in the mall and an hour in Kohl's, I left with.... A pair of black pants, a pair of gray pants, a black shirt, a pair of black flats, and a pair of neutral flats.

Fail. Sigh. I give up.

Anyone want to dress me?