Friday, July 22, 2011


I haven't done this in awhile....
- I'm so tired tonight that I'm already laying in bed. It's 7:37pm. Lame.
- Life has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions lately. Nothing and everything has been status quo.
- We leave for Costa Rica in 2 weeks, 3 days and 14 hours. But who's counting?
- I need shorts and tank tops.
- I am more and more thankful everyday for my friends. They are truly gems. Today, I got to briefly catch up with one of my good friends, on a phone chat, who always just "gets" me, (:::ahem, Jody:::). Then last night, a good friend of mine and I went on a long walk on Siesta Key beach, one of the most amazing beaches in the world, and then to dinner. 3 hours with her was better than some previously paid for therapy. I feel so lucky to not only have these two women in my life but also a few more, who all are just irreplaceable.
- I still miss Bear every single day, especially at night when I put Lily to bed. That was my time with him and it still doesn't feel right without him here.
- My life is going to change drastically within the next couple of months when it comes to my career. I'm terrified, exhilarated, cautious, and curious, all at the same time.
-Lily has been excruciatingly difficult, yet amazingly fun, lately. More on my other blog soon about this.
- Why do I never print out recent pictures? They aren't any good on my hard drive.
- Speaking of, I've hardly taken any pictures at all this summer. I don't know why.
- I'm writing this on Dustin's laptop and it's about to go dead.
- I'm too lazy to go get the cord to plug it in.
- Goodnight.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three years.

Dustin and I got hitched at the court house three years ago today. A strategic move to save us some money since getting "legally" married in Costa Rica would have cost us a fortune AND it wouldn't have been filed here in the states for months after.

So, these were our court house wedding pictures:
I'm not quite sure why we were flipping the camera the bird in that last picture but it's very much like us to do that so, whatever.
And then, for our "reception", we went to the Dave Mathew's concert:
Great memories.
It's hard to believe that there was life before Lily, but there was and we had some amazing memories. Three years has gone by SO fast, it's unbelievable.
Happy day, my love.