Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in pictures.

The obligatory "I cannot believe another year has gone by" post.

But seriously. I can't believe it.

When I was looking at pictures on my computer from the last 12 months I had to double check the date I took them because some of them just did not seem to be over a year ago.

{A trip to Jungle Gardens.}

{A new found love for Playdoh.}


 {San Fran with the mama. First mom-daughter trip.}
{First Gymnastics.}

 {Lily's first ice show, Toy Story 3.}
{Big girl bed time.}


 {First Disney trip.}
{She turned 3.}
{Chicago trip for Jeff and Alyssa's wedding.}
 {Lots of beach time.}
{Father's Day.}
{Apparently not much happened in July but we did go to this YMCA water park.}
{We turned 4.}

{Our 2.5 weeks in Costa Rica began.}
{Good lord, these pictures make me happy.}
{A Costa Rica inspired tattoo for my 36th (OMG!) birthday.}

 {Hunsader's Farm.}
{Halloween costume one.}
 {Best friends over for Halloween.}
{Gorgeous family pictures by Kerri Gagne Photography.}
 {First Busch Gardens trip.}
{Acoustic Face to Face.}
 {Back to Busch Gardens for their Christmas celebration.}
 {Looking at Christmas lights with her best friend.}
 {The most fun Christmas ever.}
It was a great year.