Monday, May 14, 2012


We once had this in our arms...

And then...


It's been a blink of an eye.
Happy 3rd birthday, my love. We love you more and more everyday.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother'sDayLily'sBirthdayPartyWeekend!

And it all ran together just like that.

I'm not even going to engage my brain to do a full post because I have a toddler birthday party hangover, which didn't even include alcohol.

- We took Lily to Disney last week for a quick overnight trip. More details to come once I'm done processing those 24 hours. It was fun...but who has a complete meltdown on "It's a Small World"?? My kid does.
- Lily's 3rd birthday party was yesterday, as mentioned above, and it was such a blur. More to come on this, too. Such a good time. And how is it possible that I will have a 3 year old in less than 48 hours?
- Happy Mother's Day! My husband got me a half day at a spa, which I'm so excited about. He also made a delicious brunch for the families. It was lovely. I also received a really awesome sculpture molding of Lily's little hand that bop-bop helped her with. Something I will cherish forever since it captures every detail of her 3-year-old hand. Such a cool gift.
- Thank you to all the mama friends and family I have that help me through this journey, especially my mama. My life is full of amazing, inspirational women (the non-mamas, too, of course!).